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Gofer Racing Model Car Decals

Customers' Model Car Build-ups

Showcase your own model car build-up!
Send us a picture of your model car along with a short description including which Gofer Racing decal sheets and the model kit you used.
Email us:

Frank Hankins of Indiana sent us this picture of his 1975 Mustang slot car racing dragster. He used Gofer Racing Decals sheet #11003 New Flames to accent his car. Frank says he is an enthusiastic model car builder and slot car racer. Go get 'em Frank.

Here are the first two models that have your Gofer Racing license plates decals (stock # 11001) on them. I've gotten a lot of compliments on them.
Thanks, I will be ordering more after the first of next month. -- Dave Rains

P.S. I owned a van exactly like the one in the pictures and the Corvette is my dream car.

This model car was built by Wes Hurst using a Revell Match Racer and he used Gofer Racing Decals for his gauges, sponsors and contingency sponsors.

These model cars were built by Rick Anderson using a Lindberg kit and he used Gofer Racing Decals for hometown sponsors, numbers and our stuff sheet #1.

This model car was built by Mark Blankenship using a Model Kings 1972 Monte Carlo and he used Gofer Racing Decals for his car numbers, sponsors and contingency sponsors decals.